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How to apply

How to apply – Yoga Teacher Training

1. Send us an Email

Please, send us an email with your name, surname and dates of the course in which you would like to participate.
(Check out here: Differences between the 200, 300 and 500 hours trainings)

We will send you the application form and school agreement to fill in, sign, and send us back. The application form has some questions about your experience with yoga, your health and your expectations.

E-mail: durgastigerschool@gmail.com

2. Payment

Once we have all your documents we start the payment process.




No more than four absences are allowed to complete the hours required for the certification.

Cancelation policy

For all courses in Ecuador and Europe, refunds are not allowed when you cancel less than 60 days before the starting date of the course.
It is possible to use the deposit you payed, to participate to another of our courses, within 9 months but if you cancel less than four weeks before the starting date or never come to the course you payed for, you will just loose the money.
We are a little school, with maximum 29 spots per course and many people ask for them sothat we hope you can understand our strict policy.