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Our Team

Iris Disse

Iris Disse - image by Christian Schwarz

Iris is a German artist and internationally renowned filmmaker based in Latin America and Europe. Her documentaries and movies reflect the social reality of the indigenous people in Latin America and Indonesia.

Until 1995 she was a well-known actress for German TV and theatre. She subsequently worked as a theatre director in Berlin, Hamburg and Vienna. She is a prize-winning sound artist and maintains some involvement in these fields.

From 1988-1993 she became interested in meditation, breathing, singing and dancing as spiritual techniques with the Sufimaster Pir Vilayat Inayat Kahn. Every year she participated in monthly retreats in the Alps.

From 1993-1995 she trained in Yoga Tantra with a range of teachers including Margo Anand, Doris Christinger and Peter Schröter from Sky Dancing Tantra, Diana Richardson, Kutira and Allan Lowen. She has been practicing Tantra for the last 20 years with her partner, David Höner.

Iris Disse - yoga on the beach

Iris and David have been teaching Tantra in different parts of the world since 1996 and Iris currently presents at the University of Quito (Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar) and Durga’s Tiger School. Since 1994 she had worked with indigenous people in Latin America and Indonesia, and has become heavily involved with Shamanistic Energy work.

In February, 2013 Iris completed a 500 hour advanced Tantra Yoga Certification with the traditional tantrica Bhagavan, Shri Shanmukha Anantha Natha in Southern India. She is initiated in Shri Vidya Tantra and certified as a YAI (Yoga Alliance International) Master Yoga teacher. For yogis who interested in studying in India she highly recommends Shri Kali Ashram.

Since 2000 Iris has developed Durga’s Tiger Teachings, incorporating Tantra Yoga, tantric Philosophy and Shamanism. Her Durga’s Tiger Dance Meditation is a powerful fusion of yoga energy work implemented in different dance styles. The training involves voice work including chanting and “liberation of the voice.”

Iris Disse is the catalyser of Durga´s Tiger School, teaching Tantra Yoga classes, Durga´s Tiger Dance and “Applied Tantra Philosophy.”

Daniela de Girolamo

Daniela was born and raised in Italy. After some years traveling as a tour guide, she decided to settle in Granada, Spain, where she studied a Sol y Luna.

In 2005 she began studying ayurvedic medicine with the study of abhyanga massage and marma treatments.

In 2006 Daniela was certified as ayurveda massage therapist by APTN_COFENAT. She also began to study shiatsu and traditional chinese medicine. Thanks to this beautiful 4 year path, in which Daniela gained an understanding of natural elements and their relationship with the body, she can integrate the knowledge of these two ancient arts of healing and utilize the many similarities between Ayurvedic and chinese medicine. In 2010 she was certified as a shiatsu therapist by A.P.S.E.

In 2010 she was certified as a shiatsu therapist by A.P.S.E.

Daniela clase de Qi Gong

Daniela’s love for shiatsu and subsequent practice with patients stimulated her to deepen her study. In 2010 she participated in the intensive course “Diagnostic and work with chakras” with Diego Sanchez of Uruguay. In 2011 she attended the postgraduate course “Shiatsu and Menstruation” with Marina De Franceschi of Italy.

She began to regularly practice Qi Gong to be in good health and energetically strong while working with patients. Between 2010 and 2012 she trained at “Sol Y Luna” school to become a Qi Gong teacher.

Daniela taught and worked with shiatsu in different centers in Granada. Between centers she participated in Artes Sanas en Movimiento, a creative project where she met professionals of many other disciplines and exchanged methodologies in yoga practices, Qi Gong techniques, and classical indian dance.

Between 2011 and 2012 she travelled in India where she practiced hatha yoga (as yoga vacation) in Sivananda Ashram in Neyyr Dam and experienced a treatment in Parathuvayalil ayurvedic hospital in Cochin.

Since arriving in Ecuador in 2013, Daniela has been training in Tantra Yoga with Iris Disse and assisting with the creation of Durga’s Tiger School.

She is now Master Yoga Teacher in the school, giving classes in active meditation and tantra yoga.

Hector Villavicencio

Thai Yoga retreat

Graduated in Ppolitical sciences with a Master in Business Administration (MBA).
After few years working in what he studied, he decided to change his profile, he started meditating and then practicing yoga eproximately in 2004. He practiced and explored deeply different Yoga styles; between them Hatha Yoga, Vidya or classical yoga, Rocket Yoga, Power Yoga, Anusara Yoga, Dynamic Yoga and Kundalini yoga and he has being giving Yoga classes from about 10 years ago.

Also, he practiced different meditation styles during several years, like the Osho meditations (In the Osho Center in Caracas), Zen meditation (Zen Centre Bodaishin Caracas), taoíst meditaions and Vipassana meditation. Thanks to this experiences y works a lot with meditation and its focus on the support of the modern science, sharing what is called medic meditations .

He studied Gestalt Therapy in the “Instituto Venezolano de Gestalt”, and he uses this tool more in the psychosomatic field of the therapeutic session, working with the person on the way he / she comes to term with his / her affection. He works mainly with the chinese medicine (acupunture, moxibustion, energetic massage) and he dive different styles of massage and treatments like the ayurvedic massage, muscular massage and osteopathy.

Rosa Maria Cisneros

Durga's Tiger School teachers

She is Sociologist and during different years, she gave private counselings as manager of market research.

In 2012 she trained as Kundalini yoga teacher.and from that moment she began to go in depth with themes like “consciuous pregnancy”, “upbringing without attachment” and “breastfeeding” so that now she gives yoga classes for pregnancy, for people who are loooking for a baby and for wemen who just gave birth.

Another one of the themes she works with is the couple and she gives workshops for couples.

Hector and Rosa work toghther in:

We give workshops about all that themes related with yoga from its humanology to the philosophy aspects and also related with the pure metodology of the yoga practice (allignment, meditation, breath, nutrition etc.)

We also give international workshops on “Health Coaching”, created by the Dr, Samuel Santokh, in which we look for train of future healing specialists. In these workshops we analyze the scientific contribution, the modern discoveries of the clinic psyco-neuroinmunology toghether with the philosophy, humanology and therapeutic suppport of Yoga, especially of the Kundalini Yoga and tools of taoism.

We also give workshops for couples, for the conception, conscious gestation and psyco-emotional training for men and women.

Nicolas Cambas

34 years, from Argentina.

Nicolas is a scene and experimental artist who researches in the fields of art, therapy and society. His main tools are empathy and play. He is a clown and clown teacher who´s been developing his own particular style in performance, scene direction and pedagogy for more than 14 years.

His nomadic lifestyle brought him to go in depth with the magical world of Andean-Amazonean Shamanism, exploring rituals, musical roots and cosmovisions. He has also designed and participated in humanitarian projects in war context and social emergencies.

He’s been invited to participate in festivals, gatherings and projects in Latin America and Europe: Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Austria, Germany, France, Poland, Estonia, Finland, England, Switzerland, Romania, Israel and Palestine where he also taught in diverse universities, theatres, schools of art, spirituality, transpersonal psychology and humanitarian aid.​

He studied with different contemporary teachers and shamans of various traditions, like Marcelo Savignone, Cristina Marti, Gustavo Lecce, Juan Monsalve, Victor Stivelman, Taita Querubin (chief of Cofan nation). In the scenic art he trained Clown, Lecoq Technique, Masks, Commedy, Improvisation, anthropological theatre and studied scene direction.

Also, he explored body techniques and languages like the circus, contemporary dance, tantra, soundpainting, capoeira, yoga, fencing. He specialized in contact improvisation which is now one of the bases of his investigation and training. He has created and directed performances for street and theater room such as “Cantos Cuentados”, “Carloncho!” and Ëstudio Tornattori” performing in different international festivals in Latin America.

In his performances and classes he looks into points of contact between structure and improvisation, game and collective unconscious, laughing and healing, shamanism and paradigm change.

Marcela Camacho

artista en Ecuador

Born in Medellin, Colombia in 1980, Marcela relocated to Ecuador 1989.

She has studied Acupuncture, Healing Humanism and Healing-Creative Theater in the Neijing School of Quito, Ecuador.

Marcela explores performance techniques such as physical theater, clown, art comedy, storytelling, stage, and theater of the oppressed. She also applies these techniques in different social scenes, developing each project with individual and group exercises.

Among the social projects in which she has participated in are:

taller cuentos con percusión

On the storytelling stage she presented “Percucuentos, stories that resonate from the heart” with the Peruvian drummer Alfonso Gamboa. Her individual tales “Los cuentos de Tató” which includes stories of authorship, oral tradition and various national and international writers, filling them with a number of different theater techniques. She has dramatized her own story with the theater group “Clown destinos” entitled “The terrible problem of the dark lady” and “Conversations with the mirror” with the group “La Luciernaga” Healing-Creative Theater.

Fanny Simbaña

Fanny comes from one of the native families of our mountain, the Ilaló. Her family has actively supported community life on the mountain through many generations.

As part of our Shamanism program, we convinced Fanny Simbaña to share a little bit of her knowledge of the traditional medicinal plants that grow here on our volcano. Fanny’s knowledge of medicinal plants was handed down to her by her mother and grandmother, as it has been from generation to generation.
In her classes, Fanny introduces students to the various plants used for the ‘Limpia’ (energy cleaning), plants used for common ailments, and plants which help women recover after childbirth.
Students have the opportunity to have a ‘Limpia’ made by Fanny, a cleansing ritual in which native medicinal plants are used to clean a person of energies which may be contributing to ill health and bad luck.
Fanny is also in charge of keeping our center beautiful, clean, and colored with plants and flowers.
She has been working with Iris and David for many years and is part of the family together with her sons and daughter Mercy, a 12 year old yogini who has been practicing yoga in our school for one year now.

Tatiana Dávila Rodriguez

Alex Ryberg

Tatiana was born in Ecuador.
In 1999 she studied Plastic Arts and at the same time Initiation Psycology based in teachings of Karlfried Graf Dürckheim. Thanks to this, she empirically experienced art as a therapy.
She started doing workshops in which she worked on the human development using art and the play as the main tool.

In 2015 she realized a Master with IASE of Valencia, Spain in Art Therapy.
In 2007 she finished her studies in Humanistic Psycotherapy Gestalt with the IHPG school of México.

She has been working as psycotherapist from 14 years ago, integrating arts, body movement and conscious breath in her work.
Since 10 years she organizes and facilitates Family Constelations workshops.

Ecuador artesanos de arcilla

From 1997 she is connected with the Red Path in which she experienced different ceremonies of Sacred Plants, Temzcals, Sun Dances, Chanupa circles and chantings.
Now she facilitates Temazcal and Chanupa circles.

From 4 years ago, she connected with women circles and healing treatments through the link with the Sacred. She participated as facilitator of workshops in two Women Gatherings in México in 2016 and in Ecuador, in Urcupacha temple, in 2015 and 2016.

As artist, she makes ceramic figures representing mother earth with her gifts: nutrition, abbundancy, contention and wisdom.

She completed her 200hrs Tantra Yoga training in our school.

Magdalena Haftner

She collaborates with us in the Yoga, Arts and Shamanism Teacher Training

Magdalena Haftner is an Austrian actress, theatremaker and -teacher.

She studied Theatre Pedagogy and Educational Studies at the University of Vienna and Phyiscal and Devising Theatre at the London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA) in Berlin and London.

As a co-founding member of the improv collective ARTIG she is teaching and acting, investigating in the potential of improvisational theatre in language learning, intercultural, business, social challenging environments and artistic performances in- and outside of Europe

You can read more about her here: Magdalena Haftner

Arjan Namdev

Arjan Is a Reiki Master/teacher and interdisciplinary healer.
He is a Yoga Teacher, Artist, Musician and social/environmental activist.

He is also the founder of Mind Body Soul Healing; an international organization of healers and activists whose mission it is to help the world through the healing arts, and through community intiatives such as urban and rural permaculture programs, training in the healing arts and experiential learning programs
in healing retreat centers around the world.

His approach to yoga is inclusive of traditional vedic and tantric teachings as well as other spiritual traditions of the world. Arjan sees yoga and all spiritual teachings as the birthright of humanity, and this makes his approach to teaching yoga a unique and expansive experience.
He weaves the teachings of Raja Yoga, Tantra, Surat Shabd Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Taoism, Buddhism, Shamanism, Suffism, Martial Arts,
New Age Spirituality, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine and the mystical aspects of world religions to form a full spectrum and well rounded approach that is completely unique.
His goal as a teacher is to help dissolve the barriers between peoples and cultures in order to help humans understand our essential oneness with all creation, and to help bring togather the fragmented mystical teachings of the world in an all inclusive spiritual science that celebrates diversity and emphasizes unity.

Arjan began learning about Yoga from the young age of 3 years with his master Ajaib singh.
He has studied Yoga, Tantra, Reiki, Buddhism, Thai Yoga Massage, Martial Arts, Palmistry, Iridology, Acupunture, Shiatsu, Yoga Nidra, Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy, Shamanism, Chinese Medicine and many other healing modalities.

Amongst the schools he studied at and continues his studies are the Ananda Yoga school, Sivinanda Yoga Vedanta Institute, Lotus Palm School of Thai Massage, California College of Ayurveda, Inner Arts Collective, Robinsons Karate School, Ontario College of Shiatsu, Ontario College of Reflexology and Durgas Tiger School of Tantra Yoga and Shamanism.
His passion to teach is paralleled only by his dedication as a life long student of the healing arts and the spiritual traditions of the world.

Arjan is an initiate of Sant Mat (the path of the saints) also known as Surat Shabd Yoga.
He was initiated as a young boy into the path of Sant MA by his Guru Master Ajaib Singh.
He is eternally grateful for the blessing of initiation into the inner realms and the guidance of the masters of this lineage which began with Guru Nanak Sahib. All the blessings he has been given and all the opportunities he has had are a reflection of the grace and love of his master and the masters of Yoga and he hopes that he can follow in their footsteps and show others just how much love lives in the human hearts that can be unleashed to make the world into a paradise for all Gods creations to live in harmony.


Liz has been a passionate yogi for over a decade now, embodying yogic principles both on and off the mat. Living a sattvic life, in the ways she engages with herself and this planet, and teaching and sharing these practices with friends, family and whatever community she finds herself in.

She had the pleasure of completing her first 200YTT in 2010, in beautiful British Columbia with her teacher Catherine Munro. The style of yoga she first studied was vinyasa and ashtanga based, with lots of flowing movement, and an emphasis on alignment. In her personal practice she gravitated more towards a gentle restorative type practice, which is the first style of yoga she began teaching in 2012. She studied this healing practice of restorative with Andrea Peloso in 2014, and has incorporated this style of yoga with sound healing and yoga Nidra to offer her students a very safe, nurturing and supportive space to go very deep into their healing journey. She also teaches vinyasa, prenatal, Hatha, kundalini, Bhakti, and Tantra, weaving many different styles altogether into her classes to offer a full spectrum experience.

Ultimately, Liz is a healer, drawing on many different traditions and styles, to provide a holistic approach to her treatments. She is the cofounder of Mind Body Soul Healing , an alternative health care organization that aims to make this world a better place through teaching and sharing their gifts of yoga, Ayurveda, Reiki, Thai massage (and more) with the beautiful beings of this planet, as well as the earth itself through permaculture initiatives.

She is very passionate about nature and the nurturing of life on this planet. She’s been a farmer and has planted many seeds, as well as many trees. She studied permaculture at Linneae Farm, on Cortes Island BC, in 2009 and has been incorporating this into her life in every way she can.
In her explorations at Linneae she also studied herbalism, which is a big part of her life today. Wildcrafting medicines from the fields and forests, and making tea blends, tinctures and salves that she sells, as another form of helping others on their healing journey. Liz sees permaculture as a way of living, as well as yoga, and she sees the ways in which these systems can be interwoven to create a beautiful heaven on earth.

Liz’s other greatest passion is dance! Since being a young gal, she’s recognized the freedom and liberation that comes through dance, and has fallen in love on many dance floors throughout the world. She has been dancing the 5rhythms since 2009, which is a creative free form spiritual dance that encourages students to go very deep into themselves through the art of conscious movement. She has facilitated dance sessions herself, offering this similar vibe of guiding people deeper into their bodies, hearts and souls, and unlocking stuck energy through movement and dance.

Liz was so excited to see a teacher training program that incorporated yoga, tantra, shamanism and dance all into one, and her intuition was right to seek out this school and explore with Iris, Daniela and the rest of the Durga’s Tiger team in 2016. This 200YTT changed her life and has gifted her with new friendships, tantric tools and practices that she will use for the rest of her life, as well the the opportunity to come and teach at Casa Kiliku . Liz is so delighted to join the Durgas Tiger team, teaching yoga, tantra and dance, and helping brave souls go deep into their healing journeys.