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Online Project: "Keep Going"

This is a project built thinking the “Tiger Rider” who wants to keep exploring without the intense discipline of a training, but wants to continue with the constructs of a guided practice.

This program is on a weekly basis, you have the liberty to enroll week by week. Starting each Wednesday through Tuesday. We will send out practices for the week. We will meet three times during the week to discuss and check-in.

We will have personal encounters three times a week:

A “Circle of reflections” for sharing emotions, feeling, thinking.

Two classes addressing different topics of Tantra and Yoga. THIS WEEK IS PRANA, EMOTIONS & BREATH-WORK.

Each class will be threaded with a different tantric theme, allowing a deeper perspective for your personal practice.

At the beginning of each week, you will receive pranayama + meditations each week to be practiced individually. In addition, a BONUS class (75 min) of a different yoga style will be offered each Sunday.

Guiding this experience will be Hector & Rosa, also supported by the school and teaching staff.

The price is $45 PER WEEK

First round begins MONDAY 04TH OF MAY.

We are excited to offer this project, and hope you will find enjoy these offerings as well!

For inquiries of interest, please contact Rosa at rosacasakiliku@gmail.com

Let just KEEP GOING!