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Spring 2020 – Durga's Tiger School in Tarifa, Spain


200 hours “Tantra Yoga Art Shamanism” Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) with Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance International certification

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Living in the Community enables students to focus intensively on their training, away from everyday tasks and distractions, fully immersing themselves in a process of learning and self-discovery. Students discover the joy of deeply engaging in yogic practice and lifestyle without their usual responsibilities and the busyness of daily life. A close, and energetic group environment is created to enable students to share their experience and learning process and thus collectively deepen their understanding of the Kaula Tantra Yoga practice


Durga's Tiger School

The main meaning of Kaula is family, group, a unit. Another meaning sometimes given to the term kaula is that of a “group of people” engaged together in the practice of spiritual discipline. Spiritual discipline includes our consciousness and resposibiliy of creating our own life in the way we feel good and with beautifulness and lightness every time is possible.
That’s why we decide to do our Yoga Teacher Training, in a Community again, a reality of people engaged in the creation of a common vision of way of living.
This time, in Spain we will be at the “Molino de Guadalmesi”, close to Tarifa at only 800m from the sea.

Durga's Tiger School

You can visit the Molino de Guadalmesi web page here

We will have classes close the river connecting with the 5 elements around us and inside us.
A nice yoga room will be also available for the afternoon or night classes.
As it is not high season, we can also enjoy the quietness of Tarifa beach where we will organize some classes in front of the sea.

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Structure of the course


yoga teacher training

Course content is focused on Kaula Tantra Yoga


Krya Pranayama

Morning meditations

Chakra work though the tantra yoga and meditation practice

Mantra Chanting

Applied Tantric Philosophy

Workshop of Partner Tantra Yoga

Other practices

Durgas Tiger School Tantra Shamanism

Work with Arts
Sound and Sesnses
Shamanism and Cosmovision
Tantric and Shamanistic Rituals
Intuitive Phisiology and Anatomy
Ayurvedic Walking Massage (part of the Kaula Tantra Yoga serie)

The course is helded in English and Spanish

Durga's Tiger School

Kaula Tantra yoga works with deep relaxation. Students learn the feeling of flowing into the asanas without struggle, developing a deep form of Yoga Meditation. This technique is completed by the practice of pranayama, mantra chanting, meditation and chakras work.
Please, read more about Kaula Tantra Yoga here

We will learn the Yogi Massage or ayurvedic foot massage which will help us to prepare and expand our body for the practice. Through this quick but so effective massage we will also get in touch with a little part of the Ayurvedic medicine which is the base of this.

Durga's Tiger School

Students are given time for self-study, reflection, and practice teaching tantra yoga classes with each other. During the course of the month students also complete a written project.

Students explore tantra yogic lifestyle, philosophy and arts. Together we will discover ways in which to implement the yoga experience into everyday life.

Through the Tantra teachings students learn about the energetic exchange between Shiva and Shakti, the two polarities, and how to integrate sexual energy into their yoga exploration.

Durga's Tiger School

Meditation is basic in the Tantra Yoga practice. We will see different approaches to meditation, learning to be present in everything we do and transform movement, breath, creativity in meditation itself….until the moment the “no doing” will become a sacred space where you can enjoy yourself

Mantras and singing: Singing connects you with your inner self and with the others. We sing Mantras to address different spiritual energies, we sing chants from all over the world to share these energies and to celebrate joy together. We also use some “dances of the universal peace” to connect body with our singing.

Durga's Tiger School

During theory and practical learning courses students experience a deep personal work, exploring themselves with applied tantra philosophy, art, shamanism.

Durga’s Tiger Dance, a form of movement developed by Iris Disse based on yoga energy work and different dance styles, is another form through which students deepen their creativity and relaxation in body movement. The training also involves voice work.

In the Applied Tantric Wisdom classes are an opportunity of self discovery. As the course is based on the experience, we will create active and participative classes where we will work on some of the main aspects of Tantra

Durga's Tiger School

In the ZEGG Forum we create a social field that helps us to open to the impulse of life. We share from the heart and explore new possibilities in life. Any topic that emerges like emotions, personal development, love, community living, body symptoms can be shared and explored within the group that works as a spiritual community (Sangha). This process helps to self-knowledge, development and transformation.

As the school is based in Ecuador and Iris had been working with shamans of different tribes for 20 years, students also have the opportunity to learn about Shamanism, its Cosmo-vision and its similarities with eastern culture.

Durga's Tiger School

During the course, shamanistic energy concepts are explored together with the Tibetan tantric tradition. There are parallels in the way these two different traditions understand energy, astrology, subtle anatomy and physiology.

Wind , an anthropologist, will share a view classes of shamanism. He teaches techniques he learned as apprentice of Don Avelino and other shamanic teachers on his way between the cultures. So among other things you will learn to find your animal spirit, to create your power shield and to connect with nature in a different way.

Video in english of presentation of the school

Facilitators of this course

Wind Malin Disse

Wind was born in Germany but from the age of 3 years old he has been living in Ecuador.
Wind´s path as an anthropologist, artist and certified Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance International yoga teacher leads him to be seen as a cultural mediator, a bridge between worlds. Due to his deep interest in shamanism, he has contacted many shamans of the Amazon and Andean region of Ecuador.

2009 Wind was invited to learn more about the shamanic tradition of the Cofan- A’i socio-culture and ended up being accepted as apprentice by the shaman Don Avelino Quenama.

Wind´s thesis as Anthropologist, was about the theme: Orality, practices and symbols of the A´i shamanism, including the relation with visionary plants. Don Avelino gave him the authorization to do his own ceremonies with the yage medicine and share his knowledge.

Since then, Wind Malin Disse has attended and guided many shamanic ceremonies in order to keep on learning and help others to enter into a shamanic state of consciousness that allows shamanic healing

Alice Anina

kaula tantra yoga teacher

Anina has discovered her love for yoga as she retired from her career as a classical ballerina with the State Opera Berlin, Germany.
Yoga allows her to take her mind-body-connection to a spiritual level.
Experienced in different styles of yoga, she has trained Traditional Kaula Tantra Yoga in India where she also got certified as a teacher. (RYS500)

Anina is excited to share her classes at Durgas Tiger School after most recently having taught on Sri Lanka, Japan and in Zurich.
She will be in charge of Tantra Yoga and Intuitive anatomy classes

Alimishky Music Project

The group is composed by several people and we have the honor to have with us at the school Anahi sandivares and Javier Wermuth from Argentina.

Proyecto musica Alimishky

Anahi Sandivares comes form the province of Córdoba, Argentina. She grew up in a village, Tránsito where she started in in a very yourg age to study and dance Flokloric dances.

In her teenage period she traveller through Argentina and Italy with the Municipal Ballet of Arroyito and she started to penetrate into the Latin America Dances.

In 2003 she entered in the Social Communication School in the National University of Córdoba untill 2007 whe she decided to travel through South America with the Alimishky Project. She’s travelling with the people invlved in this project more than 10 years, investigating and studying the traditional folklores of South America with their musicas, dances and traditional instrumenta.

In the lasts years she developped dancing and music works and creations like the Individual Dance-Theatre of South America and the collective creation “Wilkamayu Luz al sur” and simultaneously she realized many workshops in different educational spaces as well as musical presentations in countries like:Uruguay, Paraguay, Perú Ecuador Colombia y Brasil.

In 2017 she met a Iris Disse and together with Javier Wermuth they started to work in Durga’s Tiger School making music for dance classes in which the spiritual development of the being relates with the connection with ancestral rithms and dances.
In 2018 she completed the 500 hrs Teacher Training in our school and from that moment she continues to develop practices which relate her Art with Tantra Yoga and Dance as a potencial of healing expression.

Proyecto musical Alimishky

Javier Wermuth is born in Córdoba Argentina and grew up in Salta, in the north of the country.
From when he was child he was connected to the popular music because of his family. He studied in the post-secondary School of Music in Salta with the teacher Gustavo Kantor.

After having been travelling in Uruguay for his studies, he met in Córdoba his partner Anahí Sandivares and he started with her a trip through South America studying the musics, dances and cultures of the continent.
Together with the musicians Ernesto Guardia and Marcelino Peralta they form the group Alimishky.

After 13 years of travels he has become a multi instrumentalist playing the South American guitar, the charango, the cavaquiño of Brazil, the Colombian bagpipers, the Candombe drums and the Murga of Uruguay, the Brasilian percussion like pandeiro, Zurdo, etc., the Peruvian cajon, the Afro Colombian music with the Tambor Alegre, the Tambora, the Llamador and the Maracas as well as the wind andean instruments like Quena, Quenacho, Sikus and Sampoña, among others.
During these years he realized workshops in the whole continent sharing his knowledge with people of South America.

In 2017 he met Iris Disse and plays music for her classes in the Durga’s Tiger School.
In 2018 he completed the 500hrs Teacher Training where he teaches about ancestral musics of Latin America. He also makes musics for the “LImpias” at the school (energy cleansings) and he guides meditations with his music.
e of the intuitive anatomy and physiology and Kaula Tantra Yoga teachings.


Complete teacher training with YAI and YA(Yoga Alliance) certification : 1,950 Euros
Lodging in your personal tent and 3 organic vegetarian meals per day, for 23 days : 725 Euros
Lodging in rented tent (with mattress and pillow) and 3 organic vegetarian meals per day, for 23 days : 775 Euros
Lodging in dormitory for 5 or 6 people 3 organic vegetarian meals per day, for 23 days : 925 Euros
Lodging in single room and 3 organic vegetarian meals per day, for 23 days : between 1025 and 1225 Euros (different prices depending on the space you reserve: it can be Caravane, Wood Cabin, room with shared bathroom, room with private bathroom)
For couples or friends who want to share a big bed double room with 3 organic vegetarian meals per day, for 23 days : between 850 and 975 Euros (different prices depending on the space you reserve: it can be Caravane, Wood Cabin, room with shared bathroom, room with private bathroom)

TOTAL Price:

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For mothers who want to come to the training and bring their kids we will offer a professional baby sitting service and good conditions for the stay of children. Please ask us in case you are interested.

*Possibility to do your 300 hours of training continuing the course in Germany (July), Greece (August), or Spain (October)
The 200, 300 and 500hrs certifications are Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance International recognized*

For any question you have, please, feel free to write to: durgastigerschool@gmail.com