Durga’s Tiger School® Tantra - Yoga - Shamanism

in Casa Kiliku - Quito, Ecuador


We want to share here, the most frequent questions we receive as we find them useful for you to know us better and make the decision about the program you want to attend.
We put them in this link apart as the explanation of each program is alredy very long and these answers are general about the school, our vision, our way to design the programs.

Please, feel free to ask in case of more questions, we will be happy to answer them:

Can you give me some info about the curriculum differences between the 200, 300 and 500 hour programs?

The choreography of the program doesn’t change if you complete more or less hours, what changes is the depth you get in each subject we treat.
We have many tools and informations to share for every subject and sometimes, even in 500hrs, it’s not possible to live all the possible experiences or processes coming from the teachings.
That’s why many students come back after having completed 200 or 300hrs, because they know they won’t just “repeat”.

We take care that even people coming in the 200hrs get the focus of the work we do with tantra, yoga and shamanism and connect with the core of the program, but themes, exercises and experiences are many, as well as the tools you can share with other people after completing the training. So that, the more hours you stay, the more tools of comprehension and teachings you get.
This is valid for example for classes like “applied tantric wisdom”, “shamanism and cosmovision”, “work with chakras and pranayama through the kundalini yoga”, “meditation” among others.

Regarding the kaula tantra Yoga practice, it is the main yoga technique we work with at the school and it is the base of all teachings.
We work on the same sequence (which is 3hrs when we do it complete) during the 200,300 or 500hrs but our teachings are based on the experience, so that. the more hours you practice, the more experience you get. This is valid for the practical teachings too. We give the basis and principles of kaula tantra yoga in the first 200hrs but, the work to develop a mastered practice and strong ability to hold a class, depends a lot from the experience you accumulate in it.
Also, most of the asanas have their beginners and advanced variations, have their adaptations to different bodies and persons and this is something you also learn when you complete more hours of course.
The practice of kaula Tantra Yoga also has its own process which can be different for every person depending from the point in which each person is but, generally, in many years of teachings, we observed and experienced that the practice follows some levels of processing which are similar for everybody in terms of mental and spiritual involvement. Normally in the first 200hrs you just have the time to overtake the first level of processing and flow into poses in a relaxed way. Master them and meditate in them is part of the other steps.

It is possible to start with 200hrs or 300hrs in one program and finish the rest with another program in Ecuador, In Germany or in Spain which are the 3 places where the school organizes cerrtified courses for the moment.

Compatible certifications

If you already have a certification of another school and you want to come to our school and accummulate your 500hrs recognized internationally, it doesn’t matter from wich yoga experience and technique you come from, the compatibility is of the organization giving the certificate. In our school, certificates are recognized by Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance International.

Having experience with another yoga technique, is always a good complement and the Yoga world has a lot to explore.
So that we wish you a good path!

In the 9 weeks cicles of 500hrs, does it matter if I start the 200hrs at the beginnin of the 9 weeks or in the second date available that you purpose?

As we are an experience based school, our teachings don’t follow a program which specifically goes from A to Z. The design of the course, is developed more like a spiral allowing you to enter in every moment of this spiral and get the tools available in that moment, which are all expression of a bigger choreography made with the intention of creating a personal deep work together with the technical work. We strongly believe that, to share a discipline like yoga with others requires a lot of self-knowledge and work, not only a theory behind a technique.

Regarding the Yoga practice, in any moment you enter in the course, you will follow a process which will start with intense daily practice of the Kaula Tantra Yoga technique with all its asanas of the serie. For the first two or three weeks, you will explore the serie in all its aspects, phisycal, mental, emotional and spiritual and you will take as much experience as you can, and have the possibility of making all the questions you need in the several moments of feedback we have after the practice.
Then you start the practical teachings, having the possibility to teach a part of the serie or more parts depending also from you. Sometimes, you will practice just with the class mates and others, with the presence of a teacher giving and receiving constructive feedbacks each time.

Which are the main differences between the programs you purpose?

All programs have as base the Kaula Tantra Yoga teachings and this is the main technique we work with at the school. This work is supported by some classes of Kundalini yoga which is mostly used to explore chakras Tantra and Kundalini Yoga also share many paranayama techniques.
In every course we have morning meditations to start the day and we explore different meditation techniques.
The classical program is the one of Tantra Yoga and Shamanism where we have classes of Applied Tantric Wisdom, Durga’s Tiger Dance, Arts and Shamanism and Cosmovision.
The course of Yoga and Shamanism has a special focus on Shamanism instead than tantra so that working the ritual and the self exploration, connection with the 5 elements and your higher self, through the south america culture which has a lot in common with the indian culture. As we consider arts important too, there is also a weekly class of Arts & Shamanism working with the Heyoca.
In the Yoga Arts and Shamanism courses we focus on the work with creativity which is one of the main aspects of Tantra and tool of self expression and liberation then. So, in these courses Yoga and Arts take the biggest part of the program having just a weekly class of Shamanism and Cosmovision.

So, as you can see, our coreography, the vision of the school and the teaching unit, doesn’t change so much, but as we have many tools to share of each one of the aspects of the work, we decided to create different programs that have in common the share the essence of what we want to transmit here at the school.

Is there Sexual Tantra in the prgram of “Tantra Yoga & Shamanism”?

We are a tantric school, yes, but the focus of this course is not the sexual tantra, but a Yoga Teacher Training
Yes, we do have some clases where we show, how the energy work of tantra yoga, of Heyoke, mantra singing, shamanism and Pranayama, what is teached during the training, interacts and what it has to do with your sexual power and sexual habits.
So for tantrics the training is really interesting – as we do have a lot of tantrums making this Yoga Teacher Training.
There might be a weekend workshop about sexual tantra, if there are enough people interested.

Scholarships and work exchange

We are a little school with maximum 20 students per course and in every course we give possibility of scholarships for indigenous people or discounts for early bookings to a maximum number of students and this normally happend quite in advance.
Work exchanges are not contemplated any more unless we know already the student or have specific interest in it, because it didn’t work in the past and it is not compatible with the intense training; the free time people have, is really appreciated to rest or process the deep personal work we do.

We try to keep our price as low as we can to allow to students to come and f if you compare it with other prices of teacher training in centre or south america (or generally in the western worlds) you will see that is one of the cheapest one.
The 300 hrs course already has a very big discount applied to motivate peple to come for more hours, as we consider a great opportunity to stay and experience a little more what we purpose. So that there are not early booking discount on the 300hrs courses

Do we take Yagé or Aguacoya duirng the course?

The power plants ceremonies are not included in the 200, 300 or 500hrs programs but they are purposed once or twice (depending on the time you stay) , as an extra for people who want to experience them.
We afford the work with medicinal plants, rituals and ceremonies in all courses exploring a lot of aspects of shamanism but, power plants, need a specific preparation and a time of processing which are quite long and specific.

We consider the work we do a the school already intense and powerful that power plants don’t need to be added.
Anyway, as many people come from abroad and have this unique opportunity to experience them here, we offer it in very specific moments that we considered adapt and that won’t alter the normal flow of the course.

Are there any specific requirements or yoga level to attend the course

We don’t require a specific level in yoga as Kaula Tantra Yoga (the technique we focus in) allows people to work from the level they are and make progress step by step without the necessity of a specific preparation.
That’s why we have very variated groups, with people coming from different yoga experiences and being beginners or advanced.
Normally everybody have in common that they come to know kaula tantra yoga as it is a technique not so diffused around the world and still focused in the eastern way of learning, which is becoming more and more rare in modern times, where yoga is more considered a phisical activity than a spiritual one which also cultivate the body and mind.
So, we can see that even having different experiences and levels of practice, people have the same process while they explore and learn kaula tantra yoga.