Durga’s Tiger School® Tantra - Yoga - Shamanism

in Casa Kiliku - Quito, Ecuador

Shamanism with Alberto Taxo

3 weeks 200 hours "Yoga & Shamanism" Teacher Training with Alberto Taxo


200 hours course certified by Yoga Alliance International and Yoga Alliance organizations

In this 3 weeks course we have the honor to work and learn with one of the big spiritual and political leading figures of Ecuador, Alberto Taxo, in the part of the program dedicated to the Shamanism and Cosmovision teachings.

We will spend the first 5 days in our place Casa Kiliku, where Durga’s Tiger School is settled, and the rest of the training we will be hosted by Alberto Taxo and his family in their beautiful place in the Andes, precisely in Salcedo

In this 3 weeks program the schedule will be a little bit more intensive with just half a day or a day free per week instead of the whole week end.. Anyway we will balance the planning to have moments of self processing and work in group.

Structure of the course

The 65% of the course is focused in Yoga and all the teachings included in it and specified here below.
The 35% of the course will be dedicated to the Shamanism and Cosmovision teachings which are also related in some ways with the tantric philosophy teachings.
The mix of these two big subjects (Yoga and Shamanism) substain each other and help to deepen in the understanting and connection of the energy design of this course, which want to help the future yoga teachers to put together technique and professionalism with a personal, loving and open approach to the Yoga teachings.


Shamanism and Cosmovision Teachings

As in the other Teacher trainings, the yoga technique we will focus in, is the Kaula Tantra Yoga a traditional form of practice in which students learn the feeling of flowing into the asanas without struggle, developing a deep form of Yoga Meditation.

We work with asanas, bandhas, pranayama, mudras and mantras based on the teachings of Bhagavan Shanmuka Anantha Natha. The traditional form is unique because it changes not only the physical, but impacts the psychological and spiritual realms as well.

Sincere practice leads adepts students to release deep-seated tension and fears, and to express their true Self hood from a place of Love and Freedom. Ultimately, adepts experience a shift in identity and learn to view themselves and the other as a divine being. This yoga also naturally increases strength, flexibility, precision and health.
Please, read more about Kaula Tantra Yoga here

A complete yoga practice arrives to 3 hours of duration and it is based on creating a solid experience. After every practice, we open a space in which students can share their experience and make questions. Then students will have the opportunity to do different practical teachings, together with a classmate, with the whole group of student and with the presence of a teacher.

With Partner Yoga we will discover the joy and the importance of support and be supported, The challange is to take care of the sacred space dancing between me and my partner, and I experience the joy of giving and receiving.
We practice in silence to not distract the other senses from the flow of the practice and concentration in one-self and also in the other. It’s a work of active listening to feel until which point the other can arrive.
In these classes we will keep on working on many asanas of the kaula tantra yoga serie, using the approach of tantric wisdom, in which we will focus in presence, senses, connection, body communication, more than acrobacies, and in this way we will create the dance of Shiva and Shakti.

We will approach the vision and methodology of the Kaula Tantra yoga practice in the classes of Intuitive anatomy and physiology in which we will develop a connection with our inner body intelligence, learn how to read it better and act according to it’s current needs. It’s about the combined powers of the mind and the physical body and the effect of being totally in harmony with the messages we perceive form our bodies in each moment.

With Alberto Taxo in the Shamanism and Cosmovision classes we will focus on the connection with the elements of Mother Nature and in FEEL them
When we start feeling, this helps us realize that everything is Sacred and this is one of the the main links between Tantra and Shamanism.
So that the Shamanism classes will also help us in the Kaula Tantra Yoga practice in which we will learn to create our Sacred Space and make of the Yoga a deep experience of self-encounter. You will learn, not only to share the Yoga discipline from the heart, but also to work energetically in connection with the others and what you have around.
The work we do is made to bring people into the practice listening, observing and understanding the personal process of each one.

From Alberto Taxo’s book called “Friendship with the elements: Opening the channels of Communication”

Wisdom is not far away.
Wisdom is not outside of us.
Wisdom has always been with us.
We only need to feel.
To feel is a powerful key.

Through tantra Yoga we focus a lot of the work on the second chacra which is the chakra connected with the water element and this element help us in recognize and listen to our feelings. So that the work with yoga will support the work with Albeto Taxo and the work with Alberto Taxo will facilitate and help the work we do in Kaula Tantra Yoga.

As Alberto’s students, we take a quantum leap, fulfilling the prophecy that in these times the Eagle (mind) and the Condor (heart) will fly in the same sky. And this will be a life-changing experience.

To feel (Condor) is a different function of the body than thinking (Eagle). We feel more when we are more relaxed, in our body, emotions, feelings and thinking. The ability to feel differs from the sensations and the 5 senses.
The mind say: When? Where? The answer is: all the time. Everywhere.

Yoga and Shamanism Teacher Training en ecuador

The great Mother Nature and the great Spirit of Life act for us through the elements of nature and that’s why we will work on develop a strong contact with nature around.
We ourself we are part of nature and we have all the tools to feel the elements and find them inside of us. Ceremonies like the Temazcal will help us in this purpose
This is an invitation to take advantage of what we already know and you will come to the Andes to remember and put this in practice to complete your life and feel your life with more sense of purpose.

As part of the Cosmovision, life is seen as a great circle, not linear so that we will use this circular concept of space and time in ours classes of shamanism to allow us to integrate everything we do in life.

Yoga and Shamanism Teacher Training en ecuador

So that, for example going to a waterfall is not just to go and admire a physical phenomenon but we can connect and communicate with the waterfall and together we will see how to establish this kind of communications with the elements of nature.

Every activity in life is also an opportunity to show gratitude in a natural way so that we shouldn’t think that I will should have gratitude. If I understand the love of nature, I don’t need to think. It’s necessary to have a spontaneous attitude of reciprocity with the gifts of nature.
We can connect with nature and express gratitude with the joy of the chanting, with the celebration, playing like the children, puting happiness in what people do because this is expression of gratitude. And another part of the work we do with Alberto Taxo is the practice of giving gratitude.

Facilitators of this course

Catherine-Ayer Gresham (C.A.)

Catherine-Ayer Gresham (C.A.) was brought up in North Carolina, US. She has been practicing yoga for 7 years now. She completed a 200-hr Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training with her teacher Lexi Hawks, at Longwave Yoga in 2015.

After completing her training, she still felt there was something missing in her practice. She left to travel for the next couple of years where she continued her personal practice as well as teaching along the way. In January 2017, she completed the 500-hr training at Durga’s Tiger School. Bringing Tantra back into her body was a homecoming.

She now enjoys the Tantra practice, along with meditation. Her area of concentration is the healing of the womb space in the collective conscious as well as bringing sisters and brothers together to heal with compassion and love.

Catherine is administrator of the school in Ecuador and she is giving classes of meditation and kaula tantra yoga.

Don Alberto Taxo

He was born in Ecuador on the 20th of March 1954. He belongs to the Ati people of Salcedo, in the Cotopaxi province. He speaks his native language which is the Kichwa and through the sound of his language, together with the chanting and the drums he connects with the beaings of Pachamama (Cosmic Mother) and of the Ashpamama (Mother Earth) to attain healing as ancestral knowledge and practice of Andean curlture he belongs.

He could study in and out of the country the following subjects: Neurolinguistic. Communitary Mediation, Neuro-Coexistence, Bees-Theraphy, Integrative Medicine, Ancestral Andean Philosophy and medicine, Methodology of the Cientific Investigation, Kitchwa Linguistics.

He was given the highest honor of Master Iachak by the Shamanic Council of South America.
Don Alberto’s way is powerful and gentle. He creates a space where each person can experience for themselves the truth and practical applications of the ancient Andean wisdom which he brings.
Don Alberto has been sharing this wisdom for fifteen years in the United States and Europe. He was given this responsibility in 1989 at a great gathering of Andean Elders.
He’s Author and co-author of several books in which the theme of the Andean culture is explained to the world.

As leader of his community, he actively participated in the politic of the country and the indigenous prising of the ’90s, in which they obtained by the government, basic services like education, electricity, potable water for the indigenous community of the Cotopaxi region and the whole country together with the respect and recognizement of the indigenous people as humans with a big cultural tradition (language, habits, wisdom etc).

Now he lives together with his large family in La Loma, a mountain close to his community where he goes on teaching and sharing the andean traditional wisdom and the principles of Allí Kawsay, Sumak Kawsay (the good living), The path of the Iachak and he coexsists with all beings.

Malin Wind Disse

Wind Malin Disse was born in Berlin, Germany. His mother is german and his father Swiss. From the age of 4 years old he has been living in Ecuador with exception of a fiew years in Switzerland and Germany, where he has been living over the past 2 years to study about the german politics of integration of migrants. He loves extreme sports, and became in a race the 3. of Europe in Downhill.
In October he will start to run a vacation camp of “Yoga, Surf and Shamanism” in Mompiche, one of the nicest beaches of Ecuador.

Wind´s path as an anthropologist, artist and 500hrs certified Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance International yoga teacher leads him to be seen as a cultural mediator, a bridge between worlds.

Due to his deep interest in shamanism, he has contacted many shamans of the Amazon and Andean region of Ecuador, and worked with them to understand their traditions.

Yoga Shamanism and surf camp

From 2009 Wind has been invited to learn more about the shamanic tradition of the Cofán- A’i socio-culture and ended up being accepted as apprentice by the shaman Don Avelino Quenama.

Wind´s thesis as Anthropologist was about the theme: Orality, practices and symbols of the A´i shamanism, including the relation with visionary plants. Don Avelino gave him the authorization to do his own ceremonies with the yage medicine and share his knowledge.

Since then, Wind Malin Disse has attended and guided many shamanic ceremonies in order to keep on learning and help others to enter into a shamanic state of consciousness that allows shamanic healing.

Alice Anina

kaula tantra yoga teacher

Anina has discovered her love for yoga as she retired from her career as a classical ballerina with the State Opera Berlin, Germany.
Yoga allows her to take her mind-body-connection to a spiritual level.
Experienced in different styles of yoga, she has trained Traditional Kaula Tantra Yoga in India where she also got certified as a teacher. (RYS500)

Anina is excited to share her classes at Durgas Tiger School after most recently having taught on Sri Lanka, Japan and in Zurich.
She will be in charge of the intuitive anatomy and phisiology and Kaula Tantra Yoga teachings.


USD 2.124 including accommodation, 3 vegetarian meals per day, the whole course with YAI and glyph:YA certification, transports to the places where we will go and ecuadorian taxes.