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Drum and guitar

Shamanism and Jungle Experience

Iris Disse - runs at Cotopaxi

As we are living in Ecuador with a massive indigenous population, we work with shamanism energy concepts as well, relating the shamanic visionaries of the Andes with the Tibetan tantric tradition. Here you find similarities between the traditions, working with astral, energy and subtle anatomy and physiology. This work helps the Ecuadorian Yoga pupils to integrate more easily with the eastern wisdom.
Iris Disse has been working with shamans of Ecuador for 20 years.

After the yoga teacher training retreat we offer the possibility to dive into shamanism and visit Shamans of the Andes and the Amazon jungle to participate in Ceremonies and Rituals.

The journey will take about six days. It is also possible to take part in a ceremony in Tumbaco with a visiting shaman. This takes 24 hours.
If you are interested don’t hesitate to ask for more information.

Tour Mushuk Allpa – Amazon Jungle

Siekopai Initiative Program

The objective of this trip is a cultural inmersion with one of the most interesting and spiritual tribes in the entire Amazon Basin
A visit to the village of Seguaya Remolino located in the southern border of the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve will be the scenery for an incredible adventure full of wisdom and knowledge.

The Secoya, or Siekopai, people traditionally inhabited a very large territory between the Putumayo and Napo rivers in Ecuador, Colombia, and Peru. They are renowned for their shamanic acumen and knowledge of medicinal plants. Their language, Pai’koka, is part of the Western Tucanoan language group. Missionary activity, rubber extraction, colonization, palm oil production, and petroleum activity have reduced Secoya territory to less than 30,000 hectares in Sucumbíos Province in Ecuador—a tiny fraction of their ancestral territory.

The Secoya now number around 600 people in Ecuador and around 900 in Peru. In Ecuador, the Secoya are concentrated in three communities along the Aguarico River: San Pablo de Katetsiaya, Siecoya Remolino Ñe’ñena and Eno.

The Secoya suffer heavily from oil-related contamination. Rivers have been contaminated, making much of the water unsafe to bathe in or drink. The Secoya can no longer subsist solely on traditional activities like hunting, fishing, and growing edible crops. As a result, African palm production and oil extraction have a strong influence in the communities, rapidly degrading the remaining portion of rainforest the Secoya call home. That’s why we have created this program together with the community to give an alternative of income for the people that try to maintain their way of life.


Next trip on the 16th of December – to organize another trip before please, contact us

1st Day

Transfer from Casa Kiliku
This could be done either by bus, private van or airplane to Lago Agrio city.
Arrival at noon
Lunch in Lago Agrio
Transfer into Tierras Orientales in the shore of Aguarico River where We will meet our hosts
Toxic tour
Canoe ride into the village
Arrival to the village of Remolino

Day 2 to day 5

There are many possibilities that We can offer. We consider that a fixed program is not a good idea given the unpredictability of the weather, so that depending on availability of the hosts and the overall mood of the group, these are some of the acitivtieswe can offer:

6th Day

Return to Quito
Optional stop in Papallacta Hot springs

What to bring

Price per person per day: USD 88

It includes:

Doesn’t includes:

Minimun 4 people to make the trip possible
Maximum 8 people

Number of days could adjust to peoples needs or budgets however to have a full experience we reccomend the full 7 days

Tour leaded by Jose E. Zambrano
Tourist guide
He completed the 200hrs course in our school and collaborates as teacher for shamanism classes.