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Mushuk Allpa Conscious Tours

During week ends of the teacher training or yoga vacations, we purpose conscious trips with Jose Zambrano. He’s an Ecuadorian guide who is also involved in the school as teacher for shamanism classes.
Jose is also certified as yoga teacher here in our school having completed the 200hrs course.

Medicinal Cacao Tour

Heart opening Trip

Rio Mashpi Community

The objective of the trip is:

Mushuk Allpa consciuous tours

Trip Description

Casa Kiliku

Early departure from Casa Kiliku towards the Northwest, beautiful scenic drive through the transition from Andean forests into tropical cloudforest with a quick stop in the Pululahua Crater one of the few inhabited craters in the world.
Arrival to Rio Mashpi Community.
Beginning of the Cacao tour. We will learn how an organic plantation of cacao functions . Set in one of the most biodiverse areas of the planet the Choco Cloudforest it’s a unique opportunity to merge with the cacao trees and learn how to harvest consciously by meditating and replanting new cacao trees. We will also have the opportunity to learn about agroforestry and tropical ecology of the cloudforest.

Mushuk Allpa consciuous tours / Durga's Tiger School

Later on We will start preparing a heart opening cacao ceremony to thank and ask for abundance for our lives and ask for harmony between Earth and humanity.
Sun meditation on the early morning and relaxation on the river.
Return to Casa Kiliku

What to bring

Tour includes
Transportation IN and Out Rio Mashpi from Casa Kiliku
Shamanic and naturalist guidance in the cloud forest and cacao plantation
Cacao Ritual
Acomodation on Cabins on Rio Mashpi Community

Tour does not include
Meals and tips

price for 12 people: USD 69
price for 9 people: USD 81
price for 6 people: USD 106

Cayambe Coca Reserve

Oyacachi Community

Mushuk Allpa consciuous tours

The objective of the trip is:

Trip Description

On this trip we will inmerse on the beautiful landscape of the Cayambe Coca Reserve with a visit to the Oyacachi Community. An ancient settlement for the kichwas of the highlands who hold a rich cultural heritage, sourrounded by magnificent waterfalls and lush forests.

The purpose of this trip is to connect with the Earth element by collecting a very powerful crystal called obsidian, making our own power object with the crystal and visiting a very old and sacred place of worship inside a cave where the local people used to offer gifts to the guardian spirits like the Andean bear and the Deer.
Later on colonized by the missionaries it was the first spot where the famous Virgen del Quinche was placed. Who was later moved to the popular Sanctuary of el Quinche.

This place is also famous because of its healing waters which We can enjoy by bathing on the hot spring pools. Some say they are the most powerful waters You can bathe on.
This is also a town of very skilled wood craftsmen so there is the opportunity of buying beautiful handmade wood carvings.

What to bring

Tour Includes
Transportation in and Out of Oyacachi from Casa Kiliku
Shamanic guidance
Local guide
Hot Springs entrance
Acomodation on Cabins

Does not include

price for 12 people: USD 55
price for 9 people: USD 68
price for 6 people: USD 93,5

Cotacachi Cayapa Reserve

Cuicocha Lake of the gods / Peguche waterfalls

Activities of the trip:

Trip description

On this trip we will inmerse on the beautiful Andean landscape of the Cotacachi Cayapas Reserve with a visit to Sacred Cuicocha Lake or Lake of the Gods. An ancient settlement for many cultures including thre Incas., Sourrounded by magnificent forests and mountains like the Mama Cotacachi, female deity for the local people., it’s the perfect opportunity to absorb and learn about the Andean cosmovision.

The purpose of this trip is to connect with the Water element by doing an offering ceremony and offering a power hike around this magical lake. On this hike we will have the opportunity to appreciate the wildlife of the area and the incredible landscapes of the Ecuadorian Andes.

Later on We will share a meal and continue our hike ending up on the bottom of the Lake, We will say thanks to the Spirit of the lake and continue to the town of Peguche where we will spend the night. Settle in Ayahuma lodge.

That evening We will have the opportunity to share a sweat lodge ceremony (optional) or relax beautiful installations of the Ayahuma lodge.

Next morning We will connect with Father Sun through a Sun Gazing meditation and continue to the Sacred Waterfall of Peguche where the local people take energetic cleansing baths.

What to bring

Tour includes

Doesn’t Include

price for 12 people: USD 66 per person
price for 9 people: USD 88 per person
price for 6 people: USD 132 per person
price for 3 people: USD 264 per person