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Tantra, Yoga, Sacred Sex & Tango Retreat in Corfu, Greece: 14 -21.9.2019

With Iris Disse and David Höner


From the 14th to the 21s of September

An experience- oriented workshop to discover tantric secrets that support us in living and shaping our love.

foto from Daniel Tesolin

We warmly invite you into an intimate space to celebrate your mediterranean summer dream 2019 in the magic and enchanting nature of this amazingly beautiful island: Corfu.
Here some photos of the Island
You are very welcome, as a single or a couple.

We create safe spaces for you to explore alone or between two….

Durgas Tiger School Tantra Shamanism ….How can I love deeply and be free?….

…How can I turn my body into an instrument of ecstasy?…

….How can I revive my love again and again?…

….How can I integrate the liveliness of new experiences into my everyday life?…

….How do I become the creator of my love….

During our seven days we will…

…explore the keys of love..

….combine hours of Yoga with Tango and our sensorial nature…

….be gently guided into a KaulaTantra Yoga Flow…

….cultivate vibrancy and sensuality…

….learn about lead and be led: Tango…

….nourish ourselves with sexuality as an intuitive meditation…

….create a holy tantric ritual…

….enjoy plenty of marvelous “ it is a hit” vegetarian food and lot of sea and sun.

Every day Yoga Tantra Sensuality and leisure time to relax at the beach – days full of intimacy, deepening and growth.

Tantra Retreat in Greece

We invite you to do something incredible: We open up and have the courage to express ourselves. We deepen our connection to our bodies with tantra yoga. We pass the boundaries of yoga and emotions. In a safe group we look together at the driving force of mindful sensuality to dive into the unimaginable depths of love.

We come together for tango and sharing, to open more and more to life, to embrace it, with its beauty, chaos and the magic of its intensity and intimacy.
The connection between yoga practice eros and tantra becomes clear.

Dancing Tango in its free form is a way to contact with body and soul, to experience with devotion and strengt and to become one in two.
In Corfu, we light on new facets of ourselves and can change our focus to what we wish to create in life and what to give to our partners. We learn about the ecstasy of being alive, the keys of love, the Shiva-Shakti power to ride a tiger, and the dancing divinity in us – culminating in a holy tantric night ritual.

Durga's Tiger School

7 days intensive workshop to open our hearts and viewing relationship as a vehicle for our growth, barefoot with lots of sun, 1 billion stars and a lot of time for playfulness and imagination. That’s for sure!

An experienced team accompanies and supports you individually. They bring over decades of experience and personal self-enquiry on the field of tantra yoga, conscious sexuality and authentic relating.


foto from Mark Leib foto from Mark Leib

Course “Passion for Love – Tantra Yoga Tango & Sacred Sex“: 396 €

Prices for food & lodging in the Alexis Zorbas Center, Corfu, Greece:
The weekly prices include a rich breakfast buffet and a vegetarian dinner with several courses.
1st week double room 510 € per person | single room 660 €
The collective transfer from Corfu airport to the centre in Arillas is organized and costs 50€ round trip. The one-way ticket costs 25€.
ATTENTION: We offer a one-time discount of 30€ per adult on all bookings until 28 February 2019.

For online bookings, please clock here:

Guidance (English/German)

Iris Disse

Tantra Retreat in Greece

Master Yoga Teacher, Dance and Meditation Instructor, theater-radio -and filmmaker. Iris created the Durga´s Tiger School in Ecuador, a transforming energy composition of Tantray, Yoga, Arts and Shamanism. She teaches Tantra and Sacred Sexuality at international festivals, universities and workshops. She is a renowned filmmaker. Her documentaries and movies reflect the social reality of the indigenous people. Until 1995, Iris was a well-known actress for German TV and theater. As a director she staged plays in Berlin, Hamburg, and Vienna. She is an international recognized sound artist, working for german radios, mainly the RBB.

David Höner

Tantra Retreat in Corfu

David Höner has been Iris Disse’s life partner for thirty years. Together they completed the Sky Dancing Tantra training. They walk a tantric path with ups and downs. From 1996 on they give Tantra workshops together.
 David worked as a choreographer and dance teacher with a focus on Argentine Tango for more than 10 years in different European cities. This resulted in a unique form of tango, where mate dancing becomes a form of sensual communication. As skilled chef he founded 15 years ago the non-profit association „Cuisine sans Frontieres“, in order to fulfill social and humanitarian tasks in areas of constant crisis as peace-promoting host: Cuisine sans Frontieres .
 As Iris partner – and in the courses as their assistant – he brings in his male point of view.

Till Ferneburg

Tantra Retreat in Greece

As a father of two sons, Till Ferneburg studied fine arts and completed several yoga and massage trainings. If you want to live with more awareness and heart, become familiar with his qualities of a white Shiva as a protector and loving catalyst and facilitator. Yeah, he prefers to share what he has learnt though his life experience. Till is a truth-seeking, creative visionary, whose passion lies in the creation of embracing magical space. He celebrates the wheel of the year as an annual cycle of seasonal festivals and a life to the full, for those who want to go further; discovering places of friendship and imagination, for those of us who have roots and expand themselves to reach the stars.

Maria Tacke

Corfu Retreat

In the last 20 years Maria has been primarily focusing on ways and approaches for inner growth and transformation as an individual and collective experience and expression for healing and deepening the quality of relationship to any living being.
Being part of a buddhist lay monastery for almost five years she received an intense training in mindfulness and conscious living. Trainings and studies in music, transpersonal psychotherapy, Yoga and a life in community contributed to her path.
As a musician and Yoga teacher Maria loves to co-create spaces for soulful inhabiting of mind and body through an open beginner’s mind and unintentional exploration of our inner world. Being rooted in our own presence we have a base for any form of authentic contact and vital relationship.

Tantric Love and Sexuality

Tantra is arts. Tantra is science. Tantra is communication. Tantra is love. Tantra is healing. Tantra is the way to god. Tantra is the art of living an integrated life.


Tantra is one of the few existing spiritual paths which integrates knowledge of spirituality, sex and love. You cannot have a tree without roots – in the same way you can not grow if you know nothing of your sexual energy which emerges from the first two chakras and has a strong influence in your life, no matter how you live this powerful source.

As Christianity has damned sexuality for the last 2000 years, wisdom behind sexuality became lost. We do not know anymore how to experience sacred lovemaking and keep it alive in long relationships.

As Iris Disse teaches this knowledge in different spaces from Meditation Centres to University, we offer pupils a five days intensive workshop after the yoga retreat.

It is a technique which helps your spiritual growth, and raises awareness in partnerships. It lightens up everyday life and helps to better understand the polarity between man and women. It opens your heart for love – not only for your partner, but for all that surrounds you. It opens you up to live a full life. It creates a deep healing and understanding, and leaves behind the ongoing war between men and women.

Sacred Sexuality On The Tantric Path

By Iris Disse and David Höner

“At the beginning there was one, then there were two, the two became many and the many became one”.

“White is the cold of the ice,
white is the heat of the fire,
white is the light of eternity”.

“This night is the night of the union, the night of the two, in which they will be one.
The pleasure must transcend the desire and dominate it. The pleasure should increment the ecstasy; the increased ecstasy should indicate every step on your way upwards”.



We live in a time that is enemy of pleasure.
Work, work, work…and more work.
And when we will have amusement?
We live in couples but ecstasy is in our heads.
They’d masturbate with pornography, but the woman is sacred and Maria in the sky has still an intact hymen.
I’m a mother.
I live with a man.
I don’t want our ecstasy to reduce, to atrophy or to die.
I want to see it grow into the sky, to unite my universal tree with the sky and the earth, I want to go the path of ecstasy with the man I love.
I want to enjoy my stage of being a woman in all its facets and in freedom; I want to discover the man beyond all his masks and this way also to get to know the man inside myself.
Finally I have discovered the tantric way, a revolution.
Tantra is a Sanskrit word. Tantori means to weave. The root Tan: to extend, continue. This way the multiple and contradictory aspects of the ME can be woven into a unity.

For the Christians some things are sacred and others are a sin. For atheists nothing is sacred. For the Tantricas everything is sacred.
I decided to be Tantric, the way to reach God within the world I live in, perceiving and enjoying it consciously. “Do what you want but do it with love and consciousness” is a wonderful principle for me.

Sexuality is sacred, my biggest energy potential is hidden there.
Every act of love is a copy of the ancient divine and wonderful act.
Wake up your sacred power, the Kundalini rises up and connects me with the universe.
How much joy and ecstasy are hidden in this, my body. How much happiness to conjoin, to surrender and grow.


I learn together with my lover to keep communicating even in the deepest ecstasy allowing to enter in a real inner contact.
I learn to create a sacred space in which my passion can freely expand.
I learn rituals that support me and allow me to appreciate.
I learn to achieve control over my reality.
I get to know my jealousy and transform it slowly into freedom, step by step, the way is the goal.
I get to know my body and the one of my lover’s, with attention and curiosity.
I learn to experience and maintain the orgasm in all my body.
I learn to play, breathe, vibrate and reverberate.
I learn to be happy in a simple way.

The opposite is suspended, the dance between the poles.

Osho says: “Tantra is a knowledge. It’s not Hinduism, the same as the Theory of Relativity is not Jewish because Einstein proposed it. No temple is needed. You are enough as a temple. You are the laboratory. Every experiment is about entering into yourself. Dogmas are not necessary. Value and adventurous spirit to experiment are necessary. This is the most beautiful”.


Tantra Offering to the sea

I saw them. Hindu images in which human beings made love with painted faces in the most implausible positions. I was almost able to perceive the smell of their incense. The stone sculptures interspersed in positions, of three, of four, of hundreds…”Gosh!” This is how the Hindus are…I’m different.
I read their histories. Orgasm of various hours, spiritual unions, sensual rituals. Of the union with God; Shiva and Shakti, the sacred lovers, of Kali, the creator of the good and the bad. I liked everything of it. Crazy, these Hindus “Yeah, they knew how to enjoy!”
However, everything was like in an esoteric fog. Some sort of crystal bowl in which thousand and one nights were represented.
In this time, I affirmed with much conviction: “I don’t have time for these games. My life consists of work, art and my career”. And, in bed and behind the steering wheel of a fast car, I was – in one or another way – the best (ok, maybe the second best).
I lived day and night completely satisfied.
Sometimes more, sometimes less.
Sometimes not at all!
Sometimes the need of something different, something bigger, invaded me.

I learned to receive and give presents.
I stopped to rationalize and created a blind confidence.
Literally everything in my surroundings became lively, stronger, intense.
The colors of the flowers, the taste of the cigarette, the noise of the cars and of the wind.
The smell of the women, the movement of the waves, the fluttering of the parrots.
I liked this.

image from Hana Spillerová

I started to discover and the road of the discoverer never ends.
The sensuality opened doors for a more intense understanding of the world.
I don’t support that Tantra is the key for all things, but it is my key for a higher level of satisfaction.
With myself and with the human beings I meet. I have the keys in my hands. In everything I feel myself, me, my wishes, my desires, my sensuality, my harmony… but also my aggression, my fights, my anger, my fear.
The doors open – not by themselves – I open them, and if I bump into myself some time it is something that I have looked for myself.
Also, hands hug me that pull on the same rope.
My partner and I have started with this knowledge, which we have been practicing in 19 years as Tantrist practitioners and now we want to transmit it.