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Durga' s Tiger Camp/ Retreat for Yoga Shamanism & Surf in Mompiche Beach

Surfing the wave of spiritual consciousness


Classes will be available every day and you can come from one day to a month under reservation.
Classes are offered in english and spanish


With the sponsorship of Durga´s Tiger School, we will have a Yoga and Shamanism Camp / Retreat at Mompiche Beach in the north coast of Ecuador, close to Esmeraldas.

We will open a space and time near the ocean where Spiritual Healing can take place.
This will be a great opportunity for all the people interested in working on their own consciousness, progressively unfolding the information that lies within each person´s soul and sharing these experiences with people who are in the same quest.

The place and surroundings of Mompiche, are filled with lush and abundant vegetation, rivers and waterfalls, and you can discover the flora and fauna of the tropical forest all around, in your free time.

Durga's tiger School

The Retreat has been developed as a workshop with theoretic and practice elements. We will work with ancient wisdom to integrate and experience the yogic and shamanic state of consciousness in our daily life experience. This retreat is a great combination of meditation, tantra yoga, hata yoga, massage, mantra singing and shamanism from different shamanic traditions around the world.

Classes will start early in the mornings and they are going to be over around the sunsets with time in the middle to enjoy the beach and surfing. There is going to be a roof for our classes, just in case there is too much sunlight or we have some occasional rains.

Yoga Shamanism and surf camp

Daily program from Monday to Friday

Week ends program

Durgas Tiger School Tantra Shamanism

With our shamanism classes we want to introduce people in the shamanic experience that for us means to get in a deep relation with nature and with ourselves as human beings.

We will do an introduction to the shamanic world and we are going to work with different techniques and knowledges coming from different tribes.

The shamanism classes are always a mix of theoretical knowledge and shamanic practice. We need to understand how the shamanic techniques we are using work and where they come from before we can use them in an appropriated way.

So there will be the possibility to find your spirit animal (Guardian Spirit), to join us in our traditional Tobaco and a Cacao ceremonies, to get in touch with nature and the elements in a shamanic way, to work with the sound, drums and traditional chantings.

As part of this workshop there will be the possibility to do a ceremonies with the sacred Yage, a power plant from the Ecuadorian Amazon, that is used as a medicine from different cultures in Ecuador and south America.
To participate in the Yage ceremony you need enough time to prepare yourself for the experience and also time to process all the teachings of the medicine, that’s why people will be asked to be in the Yoga & Shamanism Camp one week before the ceremony starts and stay for at least 3 days after the ceremony finishes.

The place: Camping and Cabañas Maracumbo

Durga's tiger School beach camp

People will have the choice to rent a room, a cabin or to stay in a tent on the camping place as we will do.
Maracumbo Camping & Cabañas has shared bathrooms, showers, and a community kitchen for the people who want to cook for themselves at night.
There is also free Wifi access for the people that need internet connection.

We will enjoy Vegetarian and Vegan Breakfasts and lunches included in the price. It’ s important for us that the people can stay focused on the classes that will always start on time and use their free time to enjoy and connect with the surroundings or do extra activities which can benefit our journey.
In the night time you can go out for dinner, stay at the camping where there is dinner service too for 5$ extra or just cook for yourself.

In the free time there is a lot to do! Mompiche has a very rich flora and fauna and is one of the best surf spots known in Ecuador. So there is the possibility to learn surfing or just rent a surfboard.


Prices including: all classes, accommodation as specified below, 2 meals per day (vegetarian or vegan breakfast and lunch) and taxes. Dinner is available on request for 5 USD more

From 1 to 4 days – price per day

Price for a package of 5 days

Yoga Shamanism and surf camp

Price for a package of 1 week (7 days)

Price for a package of 2 weeks (14 days)

Cacao ceremony is every two weeks and the price is a part: USD 25
For single classes, come to see us at Maracumbo camping
For more time stays please, just contact us.


For renting a Surfboard Surf classes You are new to surfing or want to refresh some basics? Surf classes are available in Spanish, German, English.


You can transfer to our bank account the 50% of the amount. In this case, please contact us to have he bank details.

For online payments by credit card please, click one of the following links:

5 days retrat:

7 days retreat:

14 days retreat:

Team for classes of Yoga Shamanism & Surf

Malin Wind Disse

Wind Malin Disse was born in Berlin, Germany. His mother is german and his father Swiss. From the age of 3 years old he has been living in Ecuador with exception of a fiew years in Switzerland and Germany, where he has been living over the past 2 years.

Yoga Shamanism and surf camp

Wind´s path as an anthropologist, artist and certified Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance International yoga teacher leads him to be seen as a cultural mediator, a bridge between worlds. He has been teaching the traditional Tantra Yoga in many workshops after having completed his 200hrs teacher training in Durgas Tiger School in January 2016 and having finished his 500hrs of training in 2018.

Due to his deep interest in shamanism, he has contacted many shamans of the Amazon and Andean region of Ecuador, and worked with them to understand their traditions. From 2009 Wind has been invited to learn more about the shamanic tradition of the Cofán- A’i socio-culture and ended up being accepted as apprentice by the shaman Don Avelino Quenama.

Wind´s thesis as Anthropologist was about the theme: Orality, practices and symbols of the A´i shamanism, including the relation with visionary plants. Don Avelino gave him the authorization to do his own ceremonies with the yage medicine and share his knowledge.

Since then, Wind Malin Disse has attended and guided many shamanic ceremonies in order to keep on learning and help others to enter into a shamanic state of consciousness that allows shamanic healing.

Roberto Calderon F

Roberto Calderón was born in Quito, Ecuador. Roberto has always been looking for the all world´s ancient techniques of self-realization. He has practiced Zen and Vipassana Meditation, Hata Yoga, Feng Shui, Reiky and Acupuncture since a very young age. His later studies included: Mesoamerican calendars, I Ching (Geomancia), and Classical Philosophy.

Roberto has done 3 Vision Quests so far in the “Camino Rojo” (Red Path); it is a shamanic tradition that arrived from North America over than 20 years ago to our country and it has an alternative design that mixes both South and North American ceremonies and sacred medicines. During the 7 years in which Roberto walked this shamanic path, he learned about the simplest but also most natural ways to prepare chocolate starting from the raw cocoa seeds.

In January of 2015 Roberto joined the CEIT the “Traditional Yogas` Studies Center”. This School has very ancient roots in the Tantric Yoga Traditions of southern India and was brought to us by European teachers who have more than 40 years of experience educating and giving yoga teacher´s degrees all around Europe based from their direct experience with Gurudji Thabovan and in coordination with the “Traditional Yogas` Federation in France”. This teachers´ formation lasts 3 years so Roberto is ready to share the original practice of this unstopped line of masters that can be traced back to Patanjali and his gift to the world: “The Yoga Sutras”.

Christian Scialpi

Christian Scialpi is 40 years old. He was born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland. He decided to leave his home back in 2011 and after traveling trough southamerica he found his new home in Mompiche where he opened the Camping & Cabañas Maracumbo.

He is in charge of the Surf Classes in the Yoga Shamanism & Surf Camp. He works together with some of the local Surf teachers in Mompiche.

More Info about Maracumbo Camping here