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Shamanic Journey and Yoga in the Amazon Jungle

Dates for 2020

5 Day Tour: 5 Day Jungle Tour: Introduction to Shamansim and Yage Ritual, Ancient Plant Ceremony

This unique jungle trip will open your eyes to life in the Amazon, not as a tourist but as a guest. Over 5 days you will have the opportunity to visit a Cofán/ A’í community and spend time with Cofán/ A’í Master Shaman, Don Avelino Quenama. Traveling into the Amazon, you are invited to stay in the community and experience day to day life with the Shaman and his family.

The lifestyle of the Cofán community is aligned with the principles of “buen vivir” or the “good living”. Exemplified by living the simple life, one that is not defined by things to posses; but emphasizes the connection from within to the Great Mystery. A connection that can be found living close with Pachamama; and honoring this Earth as a living being.

In addition to daily life, you will have the opportunity to explore the healing powers of Yage, also known as Ayahuasca. Yage is a visionary power plant used by the A’í Cofán community for many generations to connect with the Great Mystery. Don Avelino will lead the group to a shamanic state of consciousness in ceremony with this ancient plant medicine; opening the door to deep healing.


This trip is made possible, only through the relationship built between Shaman Don Avelino and his apprentice Wind Malin Disse, Anthropologist. For many years Wind has traveled into the jungle to study with and live with Don Avelino. Wind has been granted permission to bring others into this sacred space and close community.

Accommodation will be in the village. This will be a rustic setting, sleeping on a floor mat. There is space to hang hammocks if you choose to bring one. Mosquito nets are not provided but are highly recommended.

The food will be prepared with love directly by the wife of Don Avelino. You will meet his sons, daughters and grandchildren where you have the opportunity to enjoy living together and exploring together.

Travel Schedule

Day 1

7:00 Breakfast at Casa Kiliku  
8:00 Travel from Casa Kiliku to territory of the A’í – Cofán, and finally to Pisurí, the community of the Shaman Don Avelino.
13:00* Lunch in Lago Agrio.
17:00* Arrive and settle in

*tentative schedule

Day 2

7:00 Breakfast
8:30 – 10:30 Tantra Yoga
10:30 Time for reflection, jungle walk and explore community
(there is a little river to bathe in and several lakes near by)
13:00 Light lunch, prepare for ceremony
16:00 Introduction to Shamanism led by Wind Disse, Anthropologist. 
18:00 Sacred Tobacco Ceremony & Intention setting, meditation and pranayama
20:00 Begin Yage/ Ayahuasca ceremony with Shaman Don Avelino

Day 3:


7:30** Breakfast
10:00 – 12:00 Tantra Yoga
12:00 Group sharing of experience in ceremony
15:00 How Ayahuasca is made – led by Wind
20:00 Begin second Yage/ Ayahuasca ceremony with Shaman Don Avelino

**If Avelino seas in his vision that it is possible or important to do a second ceremony for you in the night, he will let you know

Day 4

7:00 Breakfast
8:30 – 10:30 Tantra Yoga
10:30 Time for reflection, jungle walk and explore community
(there is a little river to bathe in and several lakes near by)
13:00 lunch
15:00 Group sharing of experience in second ceremony
16:00 Prepare everything to return to Quito
18:00 Dinner

Day 5:

7:00 Breakfast & begin return to Casa Kiliku
13:00 Lunch on the road
20:00* Dinner at Casa Kiliku

*If you would like to stay at Casa Kiliku on this night, accommodation can be arranged. Please speak to the reception when you arrive, the price is $18.

About Wind

As an anthropologist, artist, yogi and shaman Wind’s path has lead him to weave all of these aspects together as a cultural mediator, a bridge between worlds. From his deep interest in Shamanism, Wind has made contact with many Shamans throughout the Amazon and Andean regions of Ecuador. Through much training and many ceremonies, Wind acquired the necessary skills to guide and create a shamanic experience for people. Testimonies from those who he has shared with, vow that these ceremonies have led them to re-orientate their daily lives.

Wind Malin Disse began his path to shamanism in the beginning of 2008, inspired by literature of authors such as Carlos Castaneda, Michael Harner and other researchers who devoted their lives to study shamanism in different socio-cultures all around the world. His interest, piqued by shamanism, led Wind to study Anthropology in 2009. In this same year, he was accepted as apprentice to Shaman Don Avelino Quenama. Wind completed his thesis on orality, symbols and sacred shamanistic practices of the A´i Cofan, including the use of power plants for healing during his time with Don Avelino Quenama.

Since, Wind Disse has attended and guided many shamanic ceremonies in order to learn about, and help others to enter a shamanic state of consciousness and healing.

In 2016 Wind completed his 500hr yogic certification in Kaula Tantra Yoga at Durga’s Tiger School.

About Don Avelino Quenama

Shamanic tour in the jungle

Don Avelino Quenama, shaman of the Community Pisurí Canqque, is most known for his representation of the A’í- Cofán community as a whole, in Ecuador and Colombia. His lineage as an A’í- Cofán community member spans countless generation. Not only is he a leader of the community as healer, but also as a political head.

Shaman Don Avelino Quenama, is a world wide healer and ceremonial leader. He has visited many different countries such as Colombia, Brazil, Peru and has traveled as far as Germany to share his medicine.


USD 600 (including VAT) for the five days.

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