Durga’s Tiger School® Tantra - Yoga - Shamanism

in Casa Kiliku - Quito, Ecuador

Yoga and ArtTheraphy Retreat – Mind Structure and Change

11 days retreat at the edge of the Ilaló Natural Reserve in Tumbaco, close to Quito


Objective and Purpose

This workshop aims to deepen the psychic and subtle aspects of human experience and address different expressions of the subconscious (archetypal structures, karmic expressions, etc.), to release psycho-emotional tensions and facilitate an energy realignment and harmonization of the individual in relationship with the cosmos.

This workshop is a great opportunity for people of any age, preferably yoga practitioners or any other disciplines that imply a body management and/or that are motivated to go deep in their self-knowledge and restructuring of deep-seated psycho-emotional patterns.
Travellers and back packers who want to take a rest and stop some days in a quiet place to regenerate themselves and take new energies for the following steps of their trip, are also welcome.

Resources and schedule

Durga's Tiger School

We combine different types of yogic practices (Kundalini Yoga, Kaula Tantra Yoga, Zen Yoga, Dynamic Yoga), with different oriental practices and concentration techniques of dance, martial arts and other oriental and Native American practices (Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Weaving of mandalas and dream catchers, Creative Shodo, Aiki-jo, Butoh dance, energetic cleanings, among others)

Classes will be at the following times:

Additionally, there will be a consultation time, from 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Details on the activities

Even if this workshop aims to deepen the mind, the psychic aspects, subconscious blocks, we want to do this in an intensive, effective, but at the same time, different and enjoyable way, using resources from different arts and philosophies. The idea is to try to recover harmony in different aspects of being and at the same time awaken the attention, creativity and expressiveness of it.
Below we briefly describe certain aspects that we will discuss in the workshop using these techniques:

Yoga is the biggest part of this retreat.
There are different styles of yoga that focus on special aspects of being and generate certain effects. In this workshop we will mainly work with practices such as Zen Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Tantra Yoga Kaula and Taoist Yoga (especially in relation to healing sounds and breaths), because in their spirit, practice and energy movement they merge better with oriental practices. However, in some moments we will have dynamic yoga practices, to achieve energy activations and changes in body structure and movement flows.
The practice of yoga in this workshop not only refers to the execution of “asanas”. It is also linked to the use of specific mantras, meditations and pranayamas.

Qi Gong is a millennial art of healing and energetic management that will allow us to deepen in these aspects, in ourselves and in relation to others.

We will have Tai Chi classes to work with certain basic schemes to harmonize the corporal forms and movements, as well as to balance the flow of the Qi.

The use of other Healing Arts and Concentration Exercises will complement the course.

We will work with weaving mandalas and dream catchers. Both techniques allow to develop concentration (especially if one works with the focus on breathing), but even more it allows access to subtle energies, patterns of behavior, mental structures (archetypal, magical, mythological), the understanding of being from its center towards the periphery and its progressive healing.

Another technique that we will use for the development of attention and concentration, first of all, is the Shodo or traditional Japanese writing. The Shodo – as a base – will serve to gradually open to artistic expressions, in what is called creative Shodo.

Some elements from martial arts and dance will be introduced too in the workshop. The so-called Japanese fencing or Kendo, as well as the practice of Aiki-jo not only help to develop body awareness, but to live the present moment, to fuse with the other and flow with the movements of the other, to clear the mind, such like the dance; from which we will also use certain resources used in the Butoh dance (which facilitates the expression of the subconscious)

Facilitators of this course

Hector Villavicencio

Thai Yoga retreat

He comes from Venezuela.
Graduated in Political sciences with a Master in Business Administration (MBA).
After few years working in what he studied, he decided to change his profile, he started meditating and then practicing yoga eproximately in 2004. He practiced and explored deeply different Yoga styles; between them Hatha Yoga, Vidya or classical yoga, Rocket Yoga, Power Yoga, Anusara Yoga, Dynamic Yoga and Kundalini yoga and he has being giving Yoga classes from about 10 years ago.

Also, he practiced different meditation styles during several years, like the Osho meditations (In the Osho Center in Caracas), Zen meditation (Zen Centre Bodaishin Caracas), taoíst meditaions and Vipassana meditation. Thanks to this experiences y works a lot with meditation and its focus on the support of the modern science, sharing what is called medic meditations .

He studied Gestalt Therapy in the “Instituto Venezolano de Gestalt”, and he uses this tool more in the psychosomatic field of the therapeutic session, working with the person on the way he / she comes to term with his / her affection. He works mainly with the chinese medicine (acupunture, moxibustion, energetic massage) and he dive different styles of massage and treatments like the ayurvedic massage, muscular massage and osteopathy.

Hector completed 200hours Teacher Training in Durga’s Tiger School and he teaches in our teacher trainings: Pranayama classes, Mantra Chanting, Kundalini Yoga and Kaula Tantra Yoga

Rosa Maria Cisneros

Durga's Tiger School teachers

She is Sociologist and during different years, she gave private counselings as manager of market research.

In 2012 she trained as Kundalini yoga teacher.and from that moment she began to go in depth with themes like “consciuous pregnancy”, “upbringing without attachment” and “breastfeeding” so that now she gives yoga classes for pregnancy, for people who are loooking for a baby and for wemen who just gave birth.

Another one of the themes she works with is the couple and she gives workshops for couples.

She works with Hector in Durga’s Tiger School in classes of Pranayama, Mantras, Kundalini Yoga

Diana Garcia Herrero

She is better known as Azul.
Born in Quito, Ecuador, she studied visual arts in 1999. Since then she’s been exploring and working on arts and crafts, photography, muralism, theater, and music , using them as tools on her labor as children teacher , artist and ecologist carpenter.

She begans to study Tai Chi Chuang and Chi Kung in 2002 and kendo in 2003
She is member of the female ecuadorian team since 2013 and participated in several international and national tournaments , including the World Kendo Championship in Tokyo, Japan in 2016
She also participates in the female Instructors seminar in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2017

Specialized in children, she teaches kendo , english, music and arts in workshops for community places and Montessori schools in Quito

In 2014 she begans her studies in Art Therapy in Flacso Ecuador, and Taller Multinacional Mèxico, which helps her on her work with kids with special conditions such as autism, down syndrome, Asperger, muscular dystrophy, TDH, and others.

She currently gives chi kung and self defense workshops for women , and art workshops for kids that came from violence environments and jailed parents.


USD 620 including accommodation, 3 vegetarian meals per day, all classes and ecuadorian taxes.