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shakti e impulso creativo Durgas Tiger School Tantra Shamanism Durgas Tiger School Tantra Shamanism

Durgas Tiger School of Tantra Yoga, Arts & Shamanism

Yoga Teacher Training – Ecuador South America

Durga's Tiger

We are happy to share with you from the heart in these times of changes and introspection. We are creating community through the net and giving the possibility to people to attend a 100hrs training online that can be added to 100hrs or 200hrs in-person training to get your certification approved by Yoga Alliance. Write us for more information and click here to know more:

“Keep Going” Project kicks-off. This is an on-going week-long program headed by Hector and Rosa. Pre-recorded instructions and guided practices will be shared at the begining of each week and there will be 3 “live” meetings via Zoom. Enroll on a week-by-week basis, each week is $50. Contact Rosa at RosaCasaKiliku@gmail.com to join. Click here for more information.

An international team of Yogis, Artists and Shamans invite you into a safe space to embark on a very personal, transformative journey. Our mission is to provide you with a unique program that allows you to develop your skills in awareness, spirituality, creativity and the power to integrate your true self in todays society.

This is a calling:

Become an internationally certifed Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance International Yoga Instructor in a unique training designed for personal growth and transformation.

Get ready to ride the Tiger!

200 / 300 / 500 hours – Ecuador and Europe

Durgas Tiger School Tantra Shamanism

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Recent interview in the Yoga for Balance Podcast

This interview was made by Heather, a 300hrs student of our school who is running her own centre. Heather speaks with Iris Disse, the founder of Durga’s Tiger School. Iris shares how Tantra practices helped to save her marriage. Learn how she went from being an actress…. Yoga for Balance Podcast