Durga’s Tiger School® Tantra - Yoga - Shamanism

in Casa Kiliku - Quito, Ecuador

shakti e impulso creativo

Durgas Tiger School of Tantra Yoga, Arts and Shamanism Ecuador South America

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Durga's Tiger

This is a calling:

Become an internationally certifed YAI Yoga teacher in a unique training designed for personal growth and transformation. Get ready to ride the Tiger!

200 / 300 / 500 hours – Ecuador and Europe

An international team of Yogis, Artists and Shamans invite you into a safe space to embark on a very personal, transformative journey. Our goal is to provide you with a program which allows you to develop your skills in awareness, spirituality, creativity and the power to integrate your true self in todays society.

Our teacher trainings in Ecuador are held in Casa Kiliku , an ecological retreat center and ashram located on the edge of a nature reserve on the volcano Ilaló, high in the Andes near Quito. Let the energy of the volcano spark your inner fire!

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Durgas Tiger School Tantra Shamanism

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