Durga’s Tiger School® Tantra - Yoga - Shamanism

in Casa Kiliku - Quito, Ecuador

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Durga’s Tiger School®

Proud to be the first Yoga Alliance International and Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher training school in Ecuador!

Durga's Tiger

Would you like to travel around the as a yoga teacher with an internationally recognized certification?

Durga’s Tiger School for Tantra Yoga and Shamanism is the first yoga school in Ecuador and South America that offers yoga teacher training certified by the Yoga Alliance , Yoga Alliance International and Yoga Alliance Europe.

Upcoming yoga teacher training dates 2018 – 2019



* Oct 13th – December 14th – (“Tantra Yoga Shamanism” – 200, 300, 500hrs)

Teacher trainings in Ecuador, are held in Casa Kiliku , an ecological retreat center and ashram located on the edge of a nature reserve on the volcano Ilaló, high in the Andes near Quito. Let the energy of the volcano spark your inner fire!

Our Vision

The ever-smiling Durga Devi has the weapons to fight the demon in all possible forms. Durga gives his followers on the Yoga path the tools to fight our own inner demons in a gentle manner.

In Indian iconography the tiger stands for god’s grace. In the shamanic cosmovision of the Amazon the tiger stands for relaxed power in action, and patience. Like a tiger you sometimes have to wait until the right moment occurs. For us, the tiger is a bridge between Indigenous and Vedic wisdom.

Iris Disse is a composer, writer, radio producer, and filmmaker. In 1993 she got to know Tantra Yoga practice and philosophy with her partner David Höner. It changed her life in a profoundly positive way, and she saw that the different twines of what it means to be human are woven into a colorful tapestry, instead of shocking opposite and antipodes. Tantra Yoga is an amazing tool to become more integrated, and Iris has been teaching in various schools and universities since 2006.

Durga’s Tiger School of Tantra, Yoga, and Shamanism is a relatively recently realized vision that has grown quickly involving Yogis, Shamans and Artists. The school gives Yoga Teacher Trainings in Europe and Ecuador. From the beginning we decided to be a YAI – Yoga Alliance International – certified school, as it helps teachers travel and proves the quality of their work. We choose Yoga Alliance International because it is the only international certification accepted by the Indian government. Today we give you the certification of Yoga Alliance too – so you get two certifications and can realize 200, 300 and 500hrs.

The realized vision is a school where students can develop their skills in awareness, spirituality, creativity, and the power to integrate their true self into society. We hope that this helps to create a more peaceful world where people their lives in creativity and harmony with the sacred law. For us, this includes the acceptance of co-responsibility for what happens in the world, and being a part of the solution, not the problem.

Durga’s Tiger School forms part of Casa Kiliku, a center focused on integral development, conscience, arts, and society. Examples of other activities include think-tanks, symposiums with social themes, and art festivals.